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House Rules & Policy

Cancellation Policy

100 % refund if you cancel at least 60 days before check.

We will refund all of amounts we received, net after any credit card or payment fees.


50% refund if you cancel at least 30 days before check in, net after any credit card or payment fees.

No refund if you cancel less than 30 days before check-in. Note that in the cases of proven
health care or other severe hardships, we will discuss providing you with a full or partial credit for a future stay.

We offer a ten percent discounting from standard rates for guests accepting a no refund for cancellations.

House Rules

50% deposit of nightly rate required at booking

Balance due on or prior to t check in

Check-in: 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Checkout: 10:00 AM

Additional Rules

Reservation Policy

We reserve the right to request a damage deposit, dependent upon your vacation
references/ length of stay and villa occupied. Dollars/Pesos/ Uncut diamonds and gold
bullion are acceptable.
Please understand that minors must be supervised at all times.

(Mining supervisors are in short supply here in Baja!) Pool-side and balcony areas need especially close supervision.

It is verboten to smoke inside the house or any of the rooms; smoking is allowed outside in designated areas: your distance afar is appreciated and your mileage may vary.) Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.. No special events allowed, absent special arrangements in writing. Please respect our neighbors and other guests with no loud music or noise after 10.00 p.m. Howling at the full moon is permitted for short periods and if you can do so in-key.
The following will terminate your stay immediately: Naked sunbathing, unless you are
under 28 and have recent modeling experience; Profanity directed at the owners, unless warranted; Smoking any substance inside a room, whether or not we professed at the time it was acceptable; Stepping in your pet’s poop and it has an odor.
Please review our house rules and let us know of any questions (Our house, rules!)
You are invited to take care of the property and facilities as if it were your own home. The owners will not be responsible for any loss, damage, accident, injury, death or theft, particularly if we are the victim(s).
The owners cannot be responsible for inconveniences arising from a temporary defect or an interruption in the supply of water, electricity or plumbing that is beyond our
control. However, we take the happiness of our guests quite seriously and will work to
accommodate you in any ways possible. Remember, we are off-grid.
The owner and Administrator will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal
possessions. Please use the lock boxes. We have never had any issues but please use
them anyway!
The owners cannot be responsible for poor weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes,
and electrical storms. We will do chants and other incantations to ward away such and evil spirits that visit those who take glassware by the pool! 


  • Please limit you smoking to private areas out doors and away from doors and windows.

  •   No pets other than those you have been specifically approved for with your reservation.

  •  Please, obviously, clean up after your pet’s poop.

No parties or events, absent special written arrangements.

No loud music (less than a typical rock concert, please, unless we are in attendance).

No more than 2 adults per bed. Enough said.

Please report Items damaged or lost in the Villas. On severe occasions, we feed
anger management guests and/or uncoordinated guests to available gray whales.

No glass around pool area or while in the pool. All drinks must be in plastic bottles or cups. Excessive drinking, unless we are participating, is frowned upon.


OFF- GRID: We are proud to be a near carbon-free property. We have no regular utilities and use large batteries at night. In extreme cases we will use our LP generator. AC in particular in the evening and at night is a heavy power user.


Please carefully coordinate your proposed AC use with us. Day time AC is nearly always fine.


At our Highway entrance is there is a pesky wire security gate. It must be opened and closed after you, please. The Caretaker has compliance and emotion-control issues and will wreak havoc on offenders. Close it even for a short trip out please!

The Owners will be around, seeing to your entertainment and trying to keep the ship afloat!

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